Blackberry Q10

Blackberry Q10 Sales Are Going Well In UK

The BlackBerry Q10 is a phone with full QWERTY keyboard and was released in the end of last month. Analysts say that Q10 has been selling quite well in the UK markets.

Blackberry Q10

It is the second smartphone to run on BB 10 OS and was released after Z10. Although this smartphone appeals BlackBerry fans more because of the physical keyboard.

According to Pete Misek an analyst from Jeffries bank, their reports indicate that it has sold out widely even with limited stocks available. Thorsten Heins, CEO BlackBerry has predicted that BB Q10 smartphone can make tens of millions sales because of the high interest of its fans in this handset.

He added that the signs in UK for sales were really good after Q10 was launched to the markets. They have high expectations from this handset as it is going into the base of more than 70 billion users.

Selfridge was the only retailer to provide this smartphone exclusively at first in UK and with this it became the fastest selling phone. The initial stock of this handset was sold across three stores in about 2 hours.

There is no doubt in saying that BlackBerry Q10 is a highly anticipated phone that has ever been sold and is already one of the most successful devices. Julian Slim from Selfridge says that BB Q10 runs on a highly powerful BB 10 platform along with a QWERTY Keyboard and thus makes a perfect combination for its customers.

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